Graphic Design in the Next Few Years

  • Sep 09th, 2022
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Graphic Design in the Next Few Years

Graphic Design is a constantly changing field that merges technology and aesthetics. Despite the environment of mobility and evolving approaches, many graphic designers regard the forthcoming years as a possible source of dramatic forces for change.

Motion Graphics in Branding

Animation and motion graphics have grown in popularity recently, and the push towards the entire brand experience is fuelling this trend. Static logos that stand alone are no longer the aim. Designers think about how their logos will be animated, how they will look like an icon, and whether or not to incorporate GIFs and emojis for a specific brand.


Anti-design style stems back to the thrilling early internet days. It can be visualised from the perspective of digital natives wanting to do away with cookie-cutter templates and try some disorienting design. This design style is quite interesting and friendly for designers without formal training in the field.

90s Nostalgic Haze

90s nostalgia can be observed in the usage of Memphis design patterns, basic emojis, a primitive internet appearance, vivid colour blocks, gritty textures, and pixelated imagery, all of which are highly familiar to some of us in the design media.

Intricate Eco-Vision

Moving past green washing, as seen on many websites and social media, we may anticipate a more elegant but honest approach to environmental topics, with minimalism in design iconography, unconventional colour palettes, and background textures that connect with sustainability organically.

Blend of 3D and 2D

The mix-up of 2D and 3D designs is among the modern design techniques that will gain much traction in the coming years. 3D elements can help add the necessary dimension and a greater appeal to the 2D design, while 2D elements can help improve speed and design time while limiting cost. This innovative blend will be just as unique, if not more, than 3D designs alone.

Neon and Black

For the most trendy, futuristic, and even distinct high-tech designs, black pairs well with neon green. To make the primarily black and neon green colour scheme richer and fuller, designers can easily add white or varying shades of grey. They would even use bold pink as a highlight in some designs, which makes sense, given the popularity and colour simplicity of pink and green.

To sum up, these are a few new trends in graphics and design that are here to stay.

We hope you've been inspired and are ready to attempt your spin on some of the ideas mentioned above.